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While daily brushing and flossing are vital to maintain a healthy smile and prevent tooth decay, there’s just no way that you can completely remove all the build-up on your teeth by yourself. Visit your Stamford dental team at least twice a year to ensure all the plaque and tartar that build up over the course of time and with normal eating are removed professionally. Stains also are more easily removed when they haven’t penetrated the top layer of enamel on your teeth. Teeth cleaning is painless, and it offers your dentist a chance to check your teeth and gums for any potential issues so they can be treated before they get worse.

Taking good care of your teeth and gums helps you look your best while preventing potential dental problems. Dental hygiene starts at home with brushing twice a day and flossing daily. This care is reinforced by professional preventative care from your family dentist at Stamford Dental Arts.

Teeth cleaning should be done twice a year by the experts at your nearby dental practice. Good oral hygiene combined with regular dental exams ensures that you maintain a healthy smile and avoid serious issues that lead to more extensive dental treatments.

The Importance of Professional Teeth Cleaning

Even if you’re careful to brush and floss daily, you still need to have your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. Thorough removal of all the substances that may be on your teeth by a trained dental professional is your best defense against tooth decay and gum disease.
Using special scraping tools and advanced cleaning systems, the team at Stamford Dental Arts carefully and effectively gives your teeth the thorough cleaning and attention they require to remain healthy. The culprits that must be removed professionally and that cause the most damage are:

  • Plaque. This is a sticky substance that forms on your teeth and contains a combination of food particles and bacteria.
  • Tartar. Also called calculus, this is a hard deposit that develops when plaque isn’t completely removed from teeth.

Tartar becomes trapped at the base of your teeth if it isn’t removed by a professional hygienist. Both plaque and tartar can irritate your gums and cause inflammation. If you avoid going to the dentist and having your teeth cleaned, deposits left on your teeth and gums can lead to cavities, tooth infection, pulpitis and even tooth loss.

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Does Teeth Cleaning Hurt?

People are sometimes apprehensive about going to the dentist because they think it will hurt. Regular brushing and flossing keep your gums and teeth healthy, so if you’re careful to practice good dental hygiene, teeth cleaning isn’t likely to hurt. And when you rely on the experienced hands of your Stamford dentist, you can count on care and expertise to make the process as comfortable as possible.

If you haven’t regularly brushed and flossed or if you’ve postponed going to the dentist for a while, you may experience some discomfort during your teeth cleaning. Waiting a long time between cleanings causes there to be more build-up to remove from your teeth, and your gums may be sensitive to the touch. Regular teeth cleanings reduce the likelihood of discomfort during cleanings.

Deep Teeth Cleaning

If you’ve developed gum disease, your dentist in Stamford may recommend deep teeth cleaning. This is a method of removing plaque and calculus that has developed under the gum line. When gums become inflamed, they pull away from the teeth and form pockets. Once pockets have formed, regular brushing can’t remove the bacteria. If the gum disease isn’t treated, you can experience pain and tooth loss.

Deep cleaning consists of two parts:

  • Scaling. Plaque and tartar are removed above and below the gum line down to the bottom of the pocket.
  • Planing. Root planing involves smoothing the roots of your teeth to help them reattach to your gums.

When you have a deep cleaning, it may be somewhat uncomfortable, and you may experience some sensitivity for a few days after the cleaning is done. In addition to localized numbing medication, your dentist in Stamford offers a variety of anesthetics to make you comfortable: oral sedation, laughing gas or IV sedation while you’re having a deep teeth cleaning. After the procedure, you may take over-the-counter pain medication or a special mouth rinse for use at home for a few days.

Taking Charge of Your Dental Health

Regular dental visits and checkups are important at any age. Good oral care should begin in infancy and continue throughout your life. Regular dental visits keep your teeth healthy by identifying problems early when treatment is simpler and more affordable.

Preventative dental care, including regular teeth cleanings, is usually covered by dental insurance. Contact Stamford Dental Arts with any questions you may have about routine dental care, teeth cleaning costs or treatment for any other dental problems. Your nearby Stamford dentists also provide cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening and orthodontics, such as Invisalign clear aligners, for you and your family.

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