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No one likes to walk around with a mouth full of uncomfortable and unsightly metal. Teenagers especially are self-conscious when it comes to their appearance and the judgements of their peers. If your teen is responsible, Invisalign for teens is an ideal option offered by the Invisalign experts at Stamford Dental Arts. Practitioners of children’s dentistry, the Stamford team works well with kids of all ages. They offer the invisible teeth straightening devices to help your teenagers get the smile they crave without the discomfort caused by traditional braces. Call today for a free consultation.

Adolescents often have difficulty grappling with confidence and a sense of belonging, especially as their bodies change and their peers are so judgmental of appearance. Even if they want to repair flaws like crooked teeth or an overbite, they balk at undergoing the potential name-calling like “metal mouth,” referring to the rows of silver braces they have to wear.

In 1997, Invisalign changed the field of orthodontics in wonderful ways, providing a subtle method of smile correction for those who are in the public eye or are especially self-conscious about their looks. The Invisalign process uses a set of clear aligners that incrementally move your teen’s teeth gradually into place with consistent pressure. And no one is the wiser because the aligners used are virtually invisible.

Invisalign for Teens in Stamford, CT

Your dentist at Stamford Dental Arts provides personalized treatment. Years of experience and training enable your nearby dentist to correct bite misalignments, ease jaw pain and improve the smile of self-conscious adolescents. The dental team in Stamford knows how teens feel; so they offer the kinds of services and attention teenagers desire.

After visiting the same dentist since childhood, teenagers tend to be more trusting of the advice they receive from their family dentist. As they move into adolescence, which comes with its own set of needs, they naturally turn to their dentist for advice. The dentist is in the best position to determine whether your teenager is a good candidate for the teeth straightening process or if they should consider an alternative.

The Benefits of Invisalign Teen Straightening

The treatment process with Invisalign focuses on comfort and speed. Most teens love the ability to fix problematic teeth while avoiding the dreaded metal mouth options. They also appreciate being able to continue participating in the activities that are most meaningful to them.

In addition to the virtually invisible nature of Invisalign clear aligners, other benefits from Invisalign for teens include:

  • More comfort and less irritation than metal braces or other aligners
  • Ability to remove aligners when needed to enjoy snacks and beverages, although the more your teen wears them, the faster the treatment completes
  • Quick, effective results — your teen may complete the process in as little as three to six months, up to four times faster than with braces
  • Optimal management for moving growing teeth and erupting molars
  • Quick corrections if changes occur during teeth alignment
  • Indicators showing adequate wear time for teens, their parents and the dentist
  • Special power ridges that help move not only the teeth, but also the roots to ensure long-term correction
  • There’s no risk of dangerous root absorption, as there is with traditional braces
  • There’s no risk of unpleasant white spots called hypo-calcifications, as in braces
  • Replacements should your teens lose or damage their aligners
  • Fewer required dentist visits, although your teen needs to visit every six to eight weeks
  • Easy-to-clean clear aligners

Treatment for Invisalign for Teens

Because every teen’s mouth is different, some may be able to wear Invisalign teen at an early age, while others may be advised to wait for more jaw maturity. Teenagers also must be able to commit to the daily regimen required of the clear aligners. For example:

  • You have to be able to trust them to wear the aligners for at least 20 hours a day and as close to 24 as possible.
  • Invisalign teens have to know to take them out to eat, brush and floss.
  • They have to clean the trays every night with a toothbrush — or use the cleaning system provided — to keep the trays clean and clear.

They must visit the dentist every six to eight weeks to

  • Check on progress
  • Make sure the aligners are being used correctly
  • Pick up the next set of aligners

Your nearby Stamford dentist may recommend attachments, such as a small button-like, tooth-colored disc cemented to the teeth, to provide a tighter grip. Additionally, blue compliance indicators on the clear aligners remind teens to wear them while giving you the ability to confirm.

Daily Life with Invisalign for Teens

One of the greatest benefits of invisible aligners is the ability to continue life without a lot of modifications. Your teenagers can:

  • Continue eating their favorite foods and drink because they remove the aligners at mealtimes.
  • Keep teeth and gums healthier by brushing and flossing regularly without wires or brackets getting in the way.
  • Take over-the-counter Tylenol for the mild discomfort, but avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as Advil, Motrin or Alieve.
  • Participate in the sports and hobbies they love without fear of harm from metal braces in their mouth.

Whether your teen begins with gapped teeth, an overbite, an underbite, crowding or any other bite concerns, Invisalign for teens provides a subtle, more comfortable method of correction that keeps your teen smiling throughout the process. Contact Stamford Dental Arts, your nearby Stamford dentist, for a free consultation.

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